Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage NewcastleIf you are pregnant, heartfelt congratulations to you and your loved ones. This is such an exciting time, with every pregnancy being an amazing and individual journey. I would like to invite you to experience the relief and joy that a quality pregnancy massage brings. I encourage you to include regular massage as part of your pregnancy care plan. You will enjoy relief from pain and love the quality of sleep that follows. Allowing extra care and support for yourself during this time brings a multitude of benefits to you and your baby. I personally guarantee you will feel these benefits filter through all areas of your body, mind, spirit and life. If you are newly pregnant, have recently had your baby or have pushed on until their first birthday there is no better time than now to take time out for yourself and have a well-deserved healing massage.

Calm ♥ Relax ♥ Nurture

Tranquility ♥ Bliss

Rest ♥ Sleep

Dream ♥ Serenity

♥ Comfort ♥ 

Strength ♥ Courage

 Family ♥ Peace 

“Daniella is an incredible masseuse who is not only highly skilled but very passionate about what she does and this comes through in her massages. She is also very knowledgeable about pregnancy and postpartum issues in relation to stress and so is able to really focus on and relieve areas of concern. Her equipment is modern, clean and comfortable and she makes the most amazing smelling oils! She is a true healer with a big heart”

Amber Curby, Newcastle


“Relaxation During Pregnancy: What Are the Benefits for Mother, Fetus, and the Newborn? A Systematic Review of the Literature”

Fink, Nadine S. PhD; Urech, Corinne PhD; Cavelti, Marialuisa MSc; Alder, Judith PhD

Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing:
October/December 2012 – Volume 26 – Issue 4 – p 296–306

Research paper main findings:

(1) Relaxation had a positive impact on women’s emotional state.

(2) Pregnancy outcomes improved with fewer admissions to the hospital, fewer obstetric complications, longer gestation, reduction of caesarean sections, and fewer postpartum complications.

(3) Fetal heart rate and fetal motor activity were reduced as a result of relaxation and therefore interpreted as improved result.

(4) Higher-birth-weight and improved performance on the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale was related to relaxation.

(5) Relaxation training was associated with reductions in maternal physiological and endocrine measures.